IKEA Taiwan’s Brilliant Animal Crossing Catalogue

With Nintendo selling over 13 million copies, it’s safe to say Animal Crossing blew up with the release of New Horizons. Since then, brands have incorporated the hit game in their advertisements. Whether it’s because of relevancy, recognition or an attempt to connect with their audience in the time of the pandemic, they’ve jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with Animal Crossing.

A notable and creative partnership with Animal Crossing is KFC’s campaign. KFC Philippines released a code that led Animal Crossing players to a KFC island. Throughout the day, a villager dressed like Colonel Sanders appeared, completing the entire experience. Apart from embedding a part of real life into the game, KFC also offered codes for free eight-piece meals- redeemable in real life, of course!

IKEA Taiwan clearly took some notes because they’ve now released an Animal Crossing themed catalogue. Not just inspiration, they’ve actually recreated a number of screenshots of Animal Crossing in real life.

 IKEA Taiwan's Catalogues (Animal Crossing version and the real one)

IKEA Taiwan has changed the screenshots of Animal Crossing too. By adding price tags and names to the virtual furniture, it looks like a virtual IKEA Catalogue for your island. To add to the experience, they’ve even added Animal Crossing characters, which is adorable!

Of course, a few things here and there are different- like the missing dinosaur plushie that was replaced by a fossil. But can you blame them? Almost identical matches were made if they couldn’t completely match the screenshots. IKEA Taiwan has done their best, even matching the models in the two catalogues.

As a result, the two catalogues look absolutely fabulous. If only Nintendo could do something like this instead of the annoying method of buying furniture now, huh?

If you want to browse through the entire thing- and I highly recommend you do- you can check out their company’s Facebook page here


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