Becoming a Bell-ionaire: How to Get Bells Faster in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Bells are unarguably one of the most important things when it comes to Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I mean, how else will you afford your next house upgrade and buy the newest furniture? Understandably, this means you’ll be spending a decent chunk of your time trying to get them.

Think about it: To get your first home built (loans and all), you’re looking at around 50,000 bells. Sounds disheartening? Or maybe a little similar to real life?

Well, no issue. You can’t shake trees to get money in real life, can you? And that’s just one option. There are a few more ways you can get bells faster in Animal Crossing.


Shaking Trees

Like I mentioned earlier, shaking trees is the easiest way to get bells in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Up to 100 bells can fall out of trees without fruit. It seems a little low, at least if you want to be a bell-ionaire as soon as possible.

However, if you shake all the trees without fruit growing on them, you will get:

  •       Two pieces of furniture
  •       The possibility of finding a spider or bagworm (300 bells)
  •       A swarm of bees that sting you and leave behind beehives (500 bells)
  •       The chance of catching the bees before they leave (2500 bells when selling bees)

Money Rock

The first on our list might not sound like a glamorous way to fund your new clothing or house upgrades, but what about getting up to 16,100 bells a day?

Every day, a random rock on your island becomes a money rock. And as the name suggests, finding and hitting the rock gives you money.

Seems too easy? As always, There’s a catch.

The first time you hit the rock, a countdown begins. You need to keep whacking the rock to get more money, but with each hit, you’re pushed backwards. That means you’ll waste precious time running back to the rock.

However, there’s an easy solution to the problem at hand.

To decrease bouncing back when you hit the rock, do one of two things:

  •       Dig three holes behind you, acting like a wall
  •       Dig two holes in a corner

Another trick is to make sure all the eight spaces near the rock are unoccupied. If something is placed there, bells won’t come out of the rock.

Bell Trees

Doesn’t this sound like a dream? A tree that just gives you money? To do this in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you just need to:

  •       Get a golden shovel
  •       Plant a few bells in the ground
  •       Wait for it to bloom

Now let’s talk about each step.

First, the golden shovel. How do you get one? You just need to bury a shovel for 24 hours. Only with a golden shovel can you plant bell trees.

Planting Bell/Money Trees in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Secondly, about the blooming. This article summarizes the probability and the best amount to bury very well. But to keep it simple, you ideally get 3 times the amount you bury, however this can vary based on the amount. For example, putting anywhere between 2000 to 9000 bells will give you a 70% chance of 3000 bells or a 30% chance of getting 3 times the amount you put in.

It’s a gamble, but there are ways to minimize loss or increase probability of profit. Whatever the result, whoever told you money doesn’t grow on trees was wrong.

Foreign Fruit

Foreign fruit is guaranteed to bump up your savings. You can do it two ways: With a friend or with Isabelle. If you do everything she asks in the “Advice for Living Here” menu, she’ll give you a basket of foreign fruit.

Plant this on your island, and you’ll have a new source of steady income.

Sell Gems

Just like the money rock, you can find another rock that gives you something when you hit it. However, instead of direct bells, you get a piece of ore when the rock shatters. The types you can get are:

  •       Amethyst
  •       Emerald
  •       Ruby
  •       Sapphire
  •       Silver
  •       Gold

Most of these are around the 2000-3000 mark, with Gold giving you 4000 bells. Definitely a nice addition to your savings.

Catch Beetles

Once you’ve paid off your first house loan, you can visit the Island Resort. By talking to Tortimer and paying 1000 bells, you’ll be on your way to finding bugs that can be sold for a pretty penny. Here are some guidelines to follow to ensure you leave the next trip with thousands of bells.

  •       Rare and valuable beetles grow on palm trees, it’s important to have those.
  •       A certain amount of bugs can be on your island at once, so shoo the ones that aren’t valuable away.
  •       Rare beetles won’t be easy to catch! Practice your method, see what works best for you and look for tips on how to do better. One tip is to press down on the 'A' button to sneak up unnoticed.

Catching a beetle in Animal Crossing: New Leaf at night

  •       There are a few beetles to look out for, namely:

-          Rainbow Stag (6000 bells)

-          Giant Stag (10000 bells)

-          Tarantula (8000 bells)

-          Horned Atlas (8000 bells)

-          Scarab Beetle (10000 bells)

-          Scorpio (8000 bells)

-          Horned Hercules (12000 bells)

Catch Fish

Fishing is a really good way to get some extra bells. You can also do it on the Island Resort while you’re looking for beetles. Whenever you see a fin, you can toss a line in to see if it gives you anything. While fish and butterflies don’t give you as much beetles, selling a shark nets you the same amount. They are, however, harder to catch because there’s a much lesser time limit when it comes to reeling them in.

Catching fish at Island Resort in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Catch Butterflies

Butterflies also exist on the Island Resort! Available in daytime as well, you can capture them for some quick bells as well. The three that sell for the highest are:

  •       Agrias Butterfly (3000 bells)
  •       Birdwing Butterfly (4000 bells)
  •       Emperor Butterfly (2500 bells)

Stalk Market

Just like real life, you need to invest a little to gain something here. If you save up quite a few bells and are in the mood to test your luck, you can buy a lot of turnips from Joan. Check the Stalk Market prices throughout the week, waiting to find the best time to sell them. If you’re lucky, you can potentially make a great profit.

Selling Fossils

Considering you can find four fossils every day, you can make an easy profit from this venture as well. You might be tempted to sell them instead of donating them to the museum, but it’s okay if you decide not to. You will end up with multiple fossils that you’ve already donated soon enough.


These ten ways to make you rich beyond your wildest Animal Crossing dreams will hopefully help you out. It’s understandable that you want to get rich quick, but Animal Crossing is a pretty slow game. It’s fine to lean back and smell the roses. Maybe the struggle of getting bells will make your new upgrade even sweeter!


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