Animal Crossing: New Horizons Updates for September 2020

September’s rolled around, and Animal Crossing: New Horizon just released their first major seasonal change. The hot, prickly Summer days in the Northern Hemisphere swiftly turned to Autumn. As for the Southern Hemisphere, it’s finally spring.

It might be time to bust out your Switch. Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s new update brings new items, critters, and more for both Hemispheres.


Northern Hemisphere:

In the Northern Hemisphere, you can now shake trees for acorns and pine cones, replacing the summer shells on the beach. Hardwood trees give you acorns, while tall cedars give you pine cones.

Furthermore, these items can now be used to craft, as well. You can make:

-          Pochette bags

-          Yellow leaf piles

-          Balancing toys

-          Pine Bonsai trees

Happy crafting!

Southern Hemisphere:

The Southern Hemisphere got all the above updates before. Instead, as Spring rolls around, they get Young Spring Bamboo and whatever the Northern Hemisphere got in March.

Limited-Time Items

In the second wave of the Summer update, five new items were added to the Seasonal menu by Nintendo. With the update, two of the five are on sale now and unlocked. They are:

-          Grape Harvest Basket

This backpack accessory is available throughout September worldwide. It costs 800 bells, and it’s definitely worth buying.

-          Moon Viewing Rug

The Moon Viewing Rug is special- it’s only available from September 7th onwards. You can purchase this for 2000 bells till October 8th, so if you have to save up, you’ve got some extra time.

New Limited-Time Item in ACNH, September Update

New Critters

Animal Crossing’s September Update, as mentioned, marks the first major seasonal change. This means there are a few critters making their first appearance on the game.

For the Northern Hemisphere, you’ll find a few sea creatures. You’ll find fish like Pikes, Cherry Salmon and Golden Trout. But that’s not all! The Red Dragonfly, Crickets and the Monarch Butterfly might appear on anywhere on your switch.

Animal Crossing didn’t forget about the Southern Hemisphere, though. In the case of the Southern Hemisphere, you might see the Tadpole, Loach, Peacock Butterfly and the Honeybee.

Fishing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for new fish in the September 2020 update


A new season, a new weed! Both hemispheres have different weeds now. In the case of the Northern Hemisphere, long hay blades have overtaken the dandelion’s place. They’re quite pretty, so no harm if you decide not to get rid of them.

As for the seasonal bushes, hibiscus won’t flower anymore in the Northern Hemisphere. You’ll want to find some new seeds and flowers the next time you visit Leif. Try Tea-Olive bushes, they’re the new seasonal ones.

Nook’s Cranny Update

Timmy and Tommy have both been busy getting their shop in shape for the new season change. For the Northern Hemisphere, pumpkins and mushrooms are placed right outside the shop. With Animal Crossing’s September Update, there’s even a little banner of leaves hanging above the door.

This clearly means summer items are not for sale anymore. Hopefully, you got everything you wanted, otherwise it’s a year-long wait till you can buy any Summer items!


So, there you have it, the latest updates for the record-breaking new game on Switch. Animal Crossing is yet to release their Fall Update, but at least there are these to tide us over till then. There are plenty of fun things to play with, as always. Why don’t you hop in game right now?


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